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In this knowledge section you can find information and tips on how you can create the best online courses. We also provide some Course ideas and examples for the necessary inspiration.

Creating a course can be fun but also a challenging task. Depending on what you want to achieve by creating your own course, you have to think of a whole set of questions and answers. They will have to be fun and engaging, scientifically correct or maybe a little bit of both.

Easy LMS will take care of the technical aspect of creating the course for you. It's done in no time if you have your course content ready. 

The hardest part is creating your own course content, questions and answers. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". So take a look at some quiz examples before you start creating yourself. We're not saying that you enter the copy-paste state of mind. Just take a look, see what you like and what you don't like. And use this information to create your own and unique course! 

Have fun creating courses and if there's anything Easy LMS can help you with, let us know! You can reach us at info@easy-lms.com.

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  • Blended learning meaning

    ‘Take your books and read the first chapter.’ This is a sentence you must have heard a lot of times. Nowadays this sentence could be replaced by ‘click on the link and follow the instructions on your laptop’. The first situation described is a classical learning method. The second situation described, is a modern learning method. What does blended learning mean? You guessed is right! It’s a mix between a classical-and modern learning method.

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  • Blended learning advantages and disadvantages

    Blended learning has some pros and cons. Do the advantages of blended learning outweigh the disadvantages?

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  • Self Paced Learning meaning

    What is self-paced learning? What is the definition and what does self-paced learning exactly mean? Improve your memory and make your tests whenever you want? Is self-paced learning the solution?

    With self-paced learning, participants can take the time they need and set their own schedule instead of working within a structure that was set for them by an instructor. Now that you know the definition of self-paced learning, let's take a look at the benefits of self-paced learning.

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  • Synchronous vs. asynchronous learning

    Due to the digital era that we live in, we are overwhelmed by new learning technologies. All these new technologies have one thing in common; they support asynchronous learning. But wait, what is asynchronous learning? And how does it compare to synchronous learning? Let’s start with an explanation of the old fashioned way, synchronous learning.

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  • Is online learning as good as face-to-face learning?

    In the not-so-distant past, face-to-face learning was the only choice. But now, with the rise of technology, online learning is rapidly becoming more and more popular. Despite this, you might still have some doubts about its effectiveness. Before jumping aboard the e-learning ship, take some time to learn how online learning holds up against traditional face-to-face methods, and see if it is right for your organization. 

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  • Effectiveness of online learning

    Is online learning as effective as face to face learning? How can you make sure your students will learn just as much (or more) with online courses without you being physically present to check up on them?

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  • Advantages and disadvantages of online learning

    Offering online learning is a great, revolutionary alternative to traditional training. And corporations have taken notice. In fact, up to 90% of corporations use a form of online learning today, compared to just 4% in 1995. And the e-learning market is predicted to grow another 8% by 2026! Not sure about jumping on the e-learning bandwagon just yet? Before replacing traditional learning with online learning at your organization, carefully weigh its advantages and disadvantages.

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  • Best practices for online learning

    Now that you know that online learning has a lot of advantages, let’s take a look at some of the best practices when it comes to it. Is there a good and a bad way to do it? What should you take into consideration before starting an online learning program?

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  • Online learning vs. traditional learning

    The debate between online learning versus traditional learning grows each year. The Corona crisis made it even more relevant, as employees in many countries were forced to work from home. So, suddenly all the learning activities had to take place online. But is it a good substitute for traditional learning? Let’s have a look at the differences, similarities, and conclude who the winner is!

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  • What is Mobile Learning (m-learning)?

    Nowadays, our smartphone is glued to our hands. We use it for everything. Communicating with friends and family, online shopping, ordering food, playing games, and so on. Should we also use smartphones for learning? Mobile learning is a new way to access learning content via mobile devices. Let's dive into the secrets and hidden treasures of mobile learning and discuss the advantages & disadvantages.

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  • What is induction training

    What is the definition of induction training? Induction training is a term professionals in the Human Resources field use for employee training. It is a form of introduction that allows employees and new hires “learn the ropes” of their new job or position and get started easily.

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  • Induction training advantages and disadvantages

    Induction training is the first training program in which the employee participates after entering an organization, as explained in this article. It’s a fast and effective way to train new hires and employees on a new position. What are some of the advantages of such type of training? What is the best way of doing it? Let's take a look at the pros and cons of induction training.

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  • Similarities Behaviorism and Quizzes

    Quizzes and behaviorism have a lot in common. What are the similarities between behaviorism and quizzes?


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