World Food Safety Week | Quiz I | 8th June 2020

Runs from Jun 8, 2020 until Jun 8, 2020

Runs from Jun 8, 2020 until Jun 8, 2020

Welcome to Equinox Labs' #SafeFoodSafeLife Contest!

This is the first of the three quizzes and will test your knowledge about buying, receiving & storing food safely.

There are a total of 7 multiple-choice questions. You get 60 seconds to select the most accurate answer. Your final quiz score will be based on the number of correct answers you gave and the time taken to answer each question.

 So, are you ready to be a #FoodSafetyNinja? 

Position Participant
1Prajnya Shetty10,902
2Abhlash Raj10,846
3Suvidha Shetty10,839
5Anshu Chaudhary10,832
6Bhawani singh naruka10,806
7Kunjal Bhagat10,788
8Priyanka Shahuraj Sirsatha10,764
9Krishnaveni Hariharan 10,732
10Rinku Soni10,732
11Apoorva Pawar10,729
13Apoorva Pawar10,690
15Anup Deshmukh10,635
16Repas Content10,600
17Dinesh Kumar10,530
18aditya shrivastava10,471
19kowshik meka10,449
20Geethakaviya V10,438
21Kunal Palan10,430
23Omkar Kumar10,409
24Karan Mulgir10,358
25Hem Kumar Rai10,338