Summer internship: software engineer

Do you want to get a feel of real working life? To put your theoretical knowledge into practice and acquire new software development skills? Join us as a software engineer for a summer internship! We organize this internship in cooperation with Proteus Eretes rowing club, but if you are not a member of Proteus you can still apply!

Developer What are you going to do?

You will be part of one of our autonomous problem-solving teams. A problem-solving team is a mix of back-end software engineers, front-end software engineers, and implementation consultants. They work closely together to build valuable features for our clients. You will participate as a regular team member. This means you will:

  • Join feature planning meetings where you discuss how to solve problems from an end-user perspective.
  • Write feature solution proposals for the product owner. We work in short cycles of two or four days.
  • Implement the solution with modern techniques. 
  • Code review your team’s work and process their feedback on your work.
  • Test whether the feature meets our quality standards before deploying with your team.

From the moment you start your job, you will team up with one of our senior software engineers. They will be your go-to person during this internship. They will onboard you, check your action plan, answer your questions, and help you out (when you are stuck). The senior engineer’s feedback will help you to advance your code.

What you will develop will be used by real clients

You’ll learn to work with different code languages, technologies, and frameworks. For example, you will build user interfaces in React that are supported by a JavaScript back-end, use Git as version control, and learn how to easily deploy applications using Docker containers. Also, we’ll reveal to you the secrets of AWS, Node.js, and test-driven development. It is not only learning, practicing and fine-tuning. What you will develop will be used by real clients.

Mainly, you’ll be learning through doing since we believe your learning curve will be steeper than just watching from the sidelines! Making mistakes is okay, because this is when you learn the most.

Is a summer internship an option for me?

You are a match if you:

  • Love software engineering. 
  • Develop in your spare time or program on a committee of your (study) association. 
  • Like working in a multidisciplinary team, so you can learn from each other.
  • Like making elegant solutions for complex technical puzzles.
  • Are willing to learn and want to improve your development skills.
  • Are available for a minimum of six weeks (32 hours per week).
  • Already have some experience with engineering through a side job, freelance work, or your hobbies.
  • Say, "Cool! I'm up for that!" if we say, "React, Node.js, TypeScript, PHP, or MySQL."
  • Want to work at an experienced, agile company.
  • Want to join us on our mission to make effective learning available for as many employees around the world as possible.

Do you want to get a feel of how it is like being a summer intern? Read the interview with ex-intern Dennis. 

What do we offer?

We learn from our mistakes and work in a way that prioritizes learning over results
  • Focus on personal growth and development. We learn from our mistakes and work in a way that prioritizes learning over results.
  • An open and diverse team of young and experienced colleagues.
  • A calm company that cares about its employees, physically and mentally. For instance, we offer monthly chair massages, healthy lunches, and a very green office. On top of that: we don’t do overtime.
  • An agile environment with a lot of freedom, responsibility, and flexibility to shape your working life to your personal life.
  • We alternate normal working weeks with play weeks where we step away from our daily work and dedicate time to side projects and experimenting with (new) technical stuff.
  • We provide you with all the hardware you need to do your job, such as a standing desk, multiple screens, monitor glasses, and so on.
  • We celebrate success and alternate smart and focused work with relaxing moments, like barbecuing, and Friday afternoon drinks!
  • An attractive salary and secondary benefits.

Read what makes Easy LMS special.

"Because we are focusing on one product, you can collect in-depth knowledge about the application, but also techniques. Besides that we can try some new frameworks."

Joan Belder, Back-End Developer at Easy LMS


Do you want to join our team this summer, and enhance your knowledge and skills? Please explain your motivation in an email and send it with your resume to Do you have questions about this internship? You can contact Caroline Heijkoop on +31 683712762.