When to Call for a Car Accident Lawyer

The law is made to protect the people. Hence, you may not be aware that you have more rights than you ever thought of, even in a car accident claim. The ads are clear and it has been telling you to call a lawyer whenever you are injured after a car accident and that you must not wait for the time when you no longer have the right to sue.


However, according to a San Diego car accident attorney, you don't have to ask from a lawyer all the time. If there is clarity of liability then a legal representative is no longer needed to file a case. For instance, the person art fault admitted that he is wrong and is willing to take accountability for his fault then you won't require any attorney's assistance. Meanwhile, for minor injuries that will only require very minimum medical expenses, calling a lawyer is not practical. The absence of extenuating circumstances which require further evaluation will also dismiss the need for a lawyer. Example of extenuating circumstances includes a complicated accident scenario, existing previous injury to the same part of the body, uncertain coverage and queries on the statute of limitations. The latter refers to the legal deadline to file a lawsuit against the involved responsible party. There are some who tried to process claims on their own but they ended hiring an attorney to help them later on. After all, you can't know all of these right away.


Whether you are in San Diego or in another state, it will be prudent to ask help from a lawyer if the liability is unclear or not shared between parties involved. A legal help is also necessary to evaluate your claim. If the adjuster will require you to submit medical records from prior to the incident then may as well call an attorney. If you are not sure in your ability to make settlement negotiation on your own then don't take the risk and hire a legal service. If your claim is all about lost wages that is hard to prove then an attorney is also needed.


There are circumstances that really call you to consult for a legal advice. This is when your insurance company does not release your claims. You think that they are at fault and they deny such accusation and will not even consider your request. This calls for the help of a lawyer. If the settlement is too low then you have to call a lawyer to help you. If the accident resulted to a serious injury which causes you to incur major expenses in your medical bill then the more you need a lawyer to help you in your insurance claim. This is regardless if the residual disability is present or not. If the injured person is minor and has incurred serious injury then a lawyer has to help out too.


You can check this source to view the website that can help you find the right legal representative to help you in your case.

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