Using Mirrors to Increase Driveway Safety

Getting in or pulling up the driveway can be a troublesome task for a driver when there’s nobody there to assist; An unknowing person, an animal, or an incoming car may pass all of a sudden and before the driver knows it, it’s all too late. Not all accidents happen on the road, some of them happen on the driveway or near the homeowner’s driveway. An accident involving another vehicle is not a new thing, but hitting a person while backing up leading to injuries, or worse, death, is very much possible and must be avoided at all costs. In a study made in 2001, about 39 children were killed on or near the homeowner’s driveway, and 25 of these deaths were because they were hit by a reversing car. Accidents like this don’t have to happen, and with the proper resources, accidents in the driveway can be prevented.

It is important to always think about safety when driving a car to avoid accidents. When a driver backs up to the driveway, there blind spots in his field of vision, making it hard to spot incoming vehicles or a small child. Accidents like this are most likely to happen in areas that are densely populated, or a house sitting near a sharp curve or a busy road. This is the reason why more and more people are choosing to install driveway mirrors to increase the safety in the driveway.

A driveway mirror is not just a mirror. Driveway mirrors are convex in shape, allowing the driver to have a clear vision of the spots that used to be hard to see. They are light in weight, compact, and durable, making them fit for the outside environment. The mirrors are equipped with mounting apparatus, making them easy to be installed on a wall, or anywhere that would enable the driver to see the blind spots. They also come in different sizes ranging from 26 inches to 48 inches in diameter, depending on how wide the driver needs to see. The mirrors can be made from different materials for light, medium, or heavy duty purposes. The mirrors can be made to be unbreakable and resistant to vandals.

The convex mirrors are not only great for providing an increased driveway safety, but also in security. Aside from being round, they also come in dome shapes, which can be strategically placed in the top corner of the room, or anywhere that allows the person to have a wider view of the room, or to easily spot potential threats. They can be placed inside not just in homes but also in stores, offices, and other establishments to increase safety and security.

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