Ultra Poor Graduation Program: Brac’s ultra-poor redemption program

12.9 percent of total population of Bangladesh are ultra-poor. (National Social Security Strategy: Bangladesh 2015). The income of these populist people is very small (according to the World Bank estimation, below $ 1.90 per capita income), despite the huge expenditure, they are unable to meet adequate food grains. Many live in remote and backward areas and socially disintegrated. They also do not have access to conventional microcredit institutions. In order to make sustainable changes in the socio-economic condition of these poor people, BRAC launched this program in 2002 which is now known as Ultra Poor Graduation Program. In two years’ time-span, through this six-year program, transfer of property, easy terms; easy-to-provide debt, making provision of habit, providing technical training, training on hand in hand, providing health care, social awareness and community mobilization, -Compared to promote sustainable development of social status. So far, nearly 1 million very poor families of 47 districts of Bangladesh have come under BRAC UPG program. BRAC's development model is internationally acclaimed. Currently, in more than 40 countries, following this model of BRAC, the government, non-government organizations and donor agencies are operating under the socio-economic context of the high-end poverty reduction program.

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