The Top Five Trending Bridesmaids Fashion You Should not Miss!

The fall season starts in September in the US. Though some are a bit hesitant to do outdoor activities in the cold autumn air, this time of the year is also the best date for weddings. Ah, weddings, one of the most important days in to man and a woman. Marriages should be memorable, happy and romantic. It signals the new chapter of a couple's life. Thus, it is only fitting that you must do everything you can to make it special and unique. And, one way to do it is to follow the trending bridesmaid dresses from your fashion police.

Choosing dresses for your beautiful lady friends is head-spinning. That is just a simple way to put it. A wrong decision in picking out the right dress for your bridesmaids can turn your wedding into a disaster. Also, imagine what your bridesmaids would feel. Thus, to help you in selecting dresses for your bridesmaids, here are the top five trending fashion bridesmaids dresses you won’t hate.

Opt for Shorter Tea length dresses

This is a trend in the fashion industry today. And though it evokes the traditional length of bridesmaids dresses, a below the knee dress looks magnificent and at the same time carefree. Moreover, if your bridesmaids are younger this style is the best to pick for your ladies.

Play with Sleeves

Two sleeved dresses are a bit conventional and old. To make your bridesmaids look fashionable and stunning, select one sleeved design. This option is much safer than letting your ladies wear spaghetti straps. It is more secure and you will not expect any wardrobe malfunctioning to happen. For conservative brides, you can still have those two sleeves with a contemporary look. Flutter sleeves are stylish on bridesmaid dresses especially if you are using sheer fabrics to match with it. Another option is using cap sleeves. You can find gorgeous bridesmaid dresses today with cap sleeves. It looks daring yet at the same time elegant and formal.

Cotton Lace Dresses 

Most brides love to include laces on their bridal fashion. However, do you know that you can make it more stylish? One of the biggest trends in bridesmaid fashion is cotton lace dresses. This material is cheaper rather than hand-made laces. Moreover, it has a softer, lovely, and carefree look.

Two Piece Dresses

If you want to be more adventurous in your wedding's fashion, try using two-piece dresses. This daring bridesmaid style though a little unusual yet still remain stunning. This kind of style is a good idea for fall season weddings and accessorizes it with a sheer fabric shawl.

Pastel Shade

Instead of letting your bridesmaid wear a uniform dress, have some twist like let them wear mismatched colored dresses. Use a palette of colors that fit the theme of your wedding and pick out one shade for each of your bridesmaids. This kind of style looks good, especially on pictures. Do you want to know more of these fashion tips? Get additional details right here at Filly Flair.

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