The Habit of Water Detox

Way back thousands of years, water detox has been a practice mostly by philosophers and spiritual leaders. Mahatma Gandhi, for example, practices water detoxification for health improvement and spiritual awareness. Such water detox practice is associated to fasting because spiritual leaders concentrate on drinking detox water bottle and abstain from any kind of food.

According to historians, water detox or fasting begins in ancient Roman and Egyptian, who believed that the technique brought inner transformation and health improvement. Ancient Egyptians in particular, experienced spiritual transformation when they practiced water detox or fasting. Later on, spiritual reasons have dissipated while water detox has continued and used for health reasons including prevention of diseases and improvement of vitality.

Water detox releases toxins into your system very quickly. But you need to start the habit with careful preparation and step by step operation. Do not make an abrupt elimination of food intake. Eliminating diet over the course of several weeks will be great. You can start removing caffeine, meat, sugar and artificial additives slowly from your daily diet. Then, spend eating only whole fruits and vegetables for a few days. After that, you can move on to consumption of only water and fresh-pressed fruit and vegetable juice drinks. Then, for one to three days, go with the water-only diet. You can't say no The Detox Bottle website, will lead you to take the best water bottle detox (check links on this article to see the website). After your fasting, simply reverse the process you took and add foods slowly back in to your daily intake.

You need to know that many people get sick when they attempt a water detoxification. They can't withstand with the very quick bloodstream release of toxins. If you think that you are one of these people, you need to perform other detoxifications and cleansing before doing a water detox so you won't put your health at risk. If you are pregnant, it is not advisable for you to do water detox. Anyone who is suffering from eating disorder, nursing and any severe anemic disease are not allowed to take water detox, as well.

How long should water detox take? According to physicians, well-nourished men and women can safely have fifty days water detox. But, any water detox longer than ten days should be supervised by a medical practitioner. It is still safer to contact your doctor before starting any water detoxification steps. You need to gather helpful information about any condition that needs to be avoided when doing water detox. For example, people with hereditary conditions such as heart abnormalities and low blood pressure are not safe making a water detox.

Water detox, when done correctly, will give great benefits to your body like having a better skin, better quality sleep, reduction of muscle and joints pain plus you will experience a well-improved digestive system. If you go for a water detox, you are actually giving your body a time to rest and repair damaged cells, helpful in curing mild to severe health conditions such as allergies and high blood pressure. For more details on water detox, check this website,

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