The Best Wing Chun Dummy in The Market

Nowadays, some people tend to be more conscious about their health. Maintaining a strict diet partnered with a routine exercise to keep their body fit is an example on how to take care of your body. Some people opt to going to the gym and spend more hours lifting weights and sweat out their body’s impurities while some do more relaxed exercise like yoga and martial arts. All kinds of exercise are good for your body; so it is up to you to choose which routine to do. In this case, this article will discuss one of the most famous routine martial arts you can do to keep your body healthy and fit.

Wing Chun is a Chinese martial arts with a concept of based on a traditional Kung Fu style and is also a form of self-defence. This activity requires one to have strong legs and quick arm movements. Despite the strength it requires, it also boasts softness and great technique performance in a relaxed manner. Wing Chun is a martial art that focuses more on striking, trapping, and grappling. When doing Wing Chun, the softness and relaxed manner in doing the techniques is a way to train your body to relax and focus your body to develop soft wholesome force. Physically and mentally, this activity is good for you to maintain not just a healthy body but also a healthy mind.

For those who are doing Wing Chun, they will require to have their own Wing Chun dummy. It helps you to work on your techniques and form in your home where it is convenient and comfortable. A Wing Chun dummy is a solo training equipment that is designed to teach precision in movement, flow, and range; it somehow represents a sparring partner.

If you are looking for your own Wing Chun dummy, here are some of the most recommended dummies in the market:

Traditional Ip Man Wooden Dummy

If not everyone, some might be familiar with the Ip Man and the legendary Bruce Lee. This dummy is made with the traditional design and mainly uses wood. Here are the basic features that this dummy has.

  • Color options – you can choose to have a dark red option.
  • Standard Size
  • Warranty- this includes a 5-year warranty

One of its pros is its sturdiness and durability. Because it is made with plain solid wood, it is guaranteed to be durable and can be used for a long period of time.

Freestanding Iron Body Dummy

Unlike any other dummies that will require more space, this dummy will give you no worries. The trunk of this dummy is made of metal instead of wood and has adjustable arms.

Half-sized Wall Mount Metal Dummy

With what its name implies, this Wing Chun dummy is made to be designed half-sized measuring up to 65 inches in height with the ample 6.5 inch diameter.

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