SEO Ranking Tips: Top Blogging Mistakes that can kill Your Page Rank

Are you currently struggling with making every article posts successful and reap benefits out of it? Chances are you are doing something wrong. 

Blog writing is an art; it requires skills and patience. However, in the blogosphere, writing numbers of articles is not the only factor that can make your blog writing career flourishing. There are things that must be done to attract and sway your readers. So, here are the top mistakes in blogging that you need to learn how to overcome: 

Your writing is too conventional and stiff

Blog writing is a mixture of science and art, where you have to convey what is ideal, but in a creative and entertaining way. So, stop creating a blog that sounds like a research paper. 

Although you have to be informative, that does not mean you have to sound like you are making a research paper; you need to add humor for your readers to enjoy what you have written. Here are one several SEO tips that you should take note; try writing as if you are talking. To increase your page rank, you need to be conversational; this will encourage the readers to finish what you have written. Make your blogs sound approachable.

You are telling your stories

One of the common mistakes in blogging for most beginners is thinking that they should tell the world about their story; unless it is worth publishing, there is nothing wrong with it. However, most readers do not care about your stories; what they care about are the things where they can reap benefits. They are not interested in you or about your experiences; what they are interested are the things that could directly affect them.  

However, in writing, you may convey your personality; here is how:

a. Try making your website look creative, but not too overly personalized. Also, add a touch of humor. Try to expand your blogging resourceand find ways how to attract potential web visitors.

b. Try talking about what is currently on trend.

c. If it is unavoidable and you want to talk about some of your experiences, try incorporating other people’s experiences in your blog; however, make sure to provide an unbiased article.

You have an unorganized blog

Sometimes when you feel like writing you are tempted to just sit there and let it flow out on you, which is a huge mistake, because most of the time the result would be subpar or unorganized.

In a competitive blogosphere, you have to be organized and specific. Try making an outline before writing your first few paragraphs. 

If you want to add a touch of creativity, try adding images or videos to your blogs. Try to visit How to Start a Blog’s website for more info about adding interesting contents. 

Wrap Up

If you are having difficulties attracting your readers to visit your blog site, try reading some other related articles that will help you increase your SEO rankings and those that can help you make your blog site popular to web visitors. 

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