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Our online quiz maker tool allows you to quickly create your own quizzes. The quizzes are fun to play, and have loads of features, styling options and statistical insights you can use.  

If you're looking for a step-by-step guide on how to make your own quiz, please see: How to create your own online quiz.

So what's this Online Quiz Maker?

Our Online Quiz Maker let's you create a unique gaming and quizzing experience by integrating several gamification elements, social features and learning principles. This allows you to create an online quiz completely branded and on your own website.

What makes the Online Quiz Maker special?

Good question, thanks for asking! We provide:

  • a very neat quiz engine
  • great usability
  • styling & branding options
  • you can publish the quiz on your own site
  • statistical insights

Basically it comes down to the fact that our Online Quiz Maker is pretty awesome. For quizplayers and Quiz Creators alike. 

Quiz Engine and algorithm

Our playstrike pro® quiz algorithm determines the difficulty level of the question by using the actual playing data of the users in real time. The algorithm is specifically designed to achieve maximum engagement with the player. Playing is addictive by providing instant feedback loops and providing immediate means of improvement and mastering of the subject involved. Because of our playstrike pro® difficulty algorithm our quizzes keep challenging players with different experience levels.

Our algorithm also adjusts the difficulty level of the questions themselves based on the results of other players. It uses this data to optimize the quizzing experience for the players and it also gives the quiz creators valuable feedback about the knowledge level of their players.

Great Usability

It's pretty easy to create an online quiz with our quiz-tool. It's dead simple to play and enjoy them as a player.

Styling & branding options

You can add your logo, change colors and add a background image. If you want other font-types or a branded quiz we can create a custom .css for you, ask a quote for a branded quiz.

Publish the quiz on your own site

Through an iframe you can publish the quiz on your own site. The iframe is completely responsive and adaptive, so our quiz is completely mobile friendly. And we don't place any annoying advertisements anywhere. Why? Well, because they're annoying. This also makes the Online Quiz Maker an ideal tool for teachers, trainers, schools and businesses that want to publish a quiz within their own digital environment.

Statistical reports

You can view all kinds of statistics of your quiz, questions and players. You can use these statistics to improve your quiz, and gain insight on your target audience. But you can also brag to your friends or competitors about total playing time, amount of players, average time per session, etc. etc.

Improved Quiz statistics

Sure we can, the benefits of our quiz tool show in the statistics:

  • The average playtime per session of a quiz made possible by Easy LMS is 6:30, with 2-3 plays per session.
  • 30%-35% of the visitors return for multiple sessions.

This could be your target audience, engaged in your branded environment playing and learning on a subject you provide.

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