Plantations to Visit in New Orleans

New Orleans is a home of many historic places. In the city, people will be able to find many architectural structures that have been built centuries ago. What is good about New Orleans is that even though it is a city, it is still a great place where people can enjoy nature. This is because it has a lot of clean bodies of water, as well as landforms. Some of the most popular areas to visit in the city are its plantations of sugar canes. According to a native tour website, the plantations in New Orleans are a representation of the past lifestyles of the natives of the city in the past. They also embody the critical period of the United State history.


The Evergreen Plantation is a plantation in the city that received one of the nation's highest historic designations. It is composed of 37 beautiful and old buildings and 22 authentic slave cabins or quarters. It is surrounded by a beautiful garden and hundreds of 200-year-old oak trees. Likewise, it also has its own private sugar plantation. The most popular structure in Evergreen Plantation, that is usually included in tours within the city, is the so-called Big House. It is a Creole house that has been built in 1790 and later remodeled in 1832. Another popular plantation in the city is the Laura, A Creole Plantation. The popular places within the plantation are the Big House, French Jardin, kitchen garden, 1840 slave cabins, and Banana Land Grove. It also has other structures that have been recognized and listed by the National Register of Historic Places. It also has souvenir shop called the Laura Plantation Store. In this place, people will be able to see and buy quality and carefully selected local crafts and artworks.


The next plantation that can be visited in the city is the Oak Alley. It has been named in such a way because people can to pass through its 28 giant live oaks before reaching the main house. What is overwhelming is that the walkway is about a quarter mile long. According to some New Orleans plantation tours, people can to enter the main house or mansion that has a Greek revival design. Inside, you will be attracted to the mansion's hardwood floors, chandeliers, and other items that tell the rich history of the home. Inside the plantation compound, you will also be able to find a 19th century-old cottage that is made into a restaurant. In it, you can also buy and eat authentic, traditional Creole and Cajun dishes. What is better about the Oak Alley Plantation is that travelers can book cottages for an overnight stay here.


Other plantations that can be visited in the city are St. Joseph, Poche, Whitney, Destrehan, and Ormond plantations. Apart from visiting the different plantations in the city, there are still a lot of fun and memorable things to do in nola. Such may include a tour in the First Quarter area and city's cemetery. So visit nola on your next summer getaway.

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