Natural Solutions for Sugar Craving

Sugar is one of the components of food that is known to be loved not just by kids but also adults. There is a certain thing called "sweet tooth" that each and every person has that is why we often have the sudden craving for sugary or sweet food. However, we all know that sugar is not a good thing for our health especially if we consume too much of it. That is because it can lead to tooth decay, weight gain, and to some extent, diabetes.


Nonetheless, no matter how we stay away from these sweet delights, there are just moments in our lives wherein our taste buds and hunger can only be satisfied by munching one donut, slice of cake, or a coffee frappe with a drizzle of syrup. Fortunately, there are natural remedies that we can consider which will also not make us feel hungry without compromising our body's normal processes. Below, we have listed some of the things that you can do.


Drinking the Right Beverages

Dehydration or low level of water in the body is one of the most common reasons why we feel the cravings for sweet food. As such, it is recommended that you consume the right amount of water within the day or every time you feel the need to eat sugary food. Nonetheless, it is always better to start your day with a warm glass of water because when you slept, your body has been deprived not just of water but also food.


Some experts also suggest that drinking a combination of 18 ounces of water, juice of half of a lemon, and five drops of stevia in the morning can help eliminate sugar cravings. In addition, drinking green tea together with your meals can also be helpful.


Eating the Right Food

Fresh food that is loaded with the right amount of vitamins and minerals is also a great solution for sweet delight cravings. Some dieticians suggest eating vegetables that commonly grow in the sea like seaweeds. Green leafy vegetables are also good options since they are also the ones that contain nutrients that are needed by the adrenal gland that is responsible for enzyme production.

Food that has been fermented is also one of the recommendations that you will commonly hear from experts. In fact, some studies and consumers have said that they had no sugar cravings for a maximum of five days when they consumed such.


Proper Supplementation

It is a known fact that most of us do not really like consuming veggies and even the beverages we mentioned above. Hence, the best solution is to take a supplement like super greens powder to compensate the lacking nutrients that those kinds of food provide. The good thing is that this product also requires you to drink water with it making it possible for you to accomplish both goals.


Final Words

Sugar is a component of food that is needed to energize us. However, too much of it can lead to certain problems that can hunt us for the rest of our lives. Thus, we must consider limiting our intake by consuming the right kind of food and beverage to help us inhibit our constant sugar cravings.

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