Kratom Capsules and Teas: Facts About Them

Mitragyna Speciosa is a tropical tree that belongs to the coffee family and is commonly called kratom. It has been used in South East Asia as a form of an alternative treatment medicine for several decades. Nowadays, more countries areadopting the practices of the native Asians. In fact, there are already a lot of products that were manufactured using kratom. They are labeled as products that can be used in healing chronic pain, opioid withdrawal, and other illnesses. The most common types of kratom for sale in the market today are kratom capsules and teas.

Kratom capsules

In order to make kratom capsules, experts allow the kratom leaves to dry and are made into a powder. They are then placed inside a capsule. The amount of powder placed inside the capsule depends on the dosage of the product. Thus, it may differ from one manufacturer to another. Since each capsule can contain a lot of kratom powder, it is recommended for individuals who need large doses of the product. The good thing about them is that they are easy to consume. They also have lesser tendencies to be oxidized since they are already protected from sunlight and other environmental factors. The dosages taken can also be easily controlled.

Nevertheless, the problem with kratom capsules is that there may be people who are not able to swallow them since most of them are manufactured in large sizes. Other people who learn more about oral capsules and pills also say that the product may not be completely absorbed by the user's body. That is due to the fact that some of the powder may be trapped within the capsule's gelatin. Nevertheless, there are manufacturers that use vegetable-based capsules to hold the powder.

Kratom Teas

Kratom teas are manufactured in different ways. People who will be opting to have a kratom tea can find ones in the form of tea bags, packaged dried leaves, and powder forms. They are also prepared in different ways. The tea bag is prepared as similar to any other tea bag products in the market. The dried leaves can be boiled or placed in boiling hot water. The powder can just be simply mixed in hot water or can also be boiled.

Kratom tea drinking is actually the traditional way of consuming kratom. The good thing about kratom tea products is that they can easily be absorbed by the body. That is due to the fact that they are in liquid form. They are also less expensive than the capsule forms. In addition, the effects of kratom tea are far faster than the ones experienced by capsule users. Unfortunately, users have to get used to the bitter and unpleasant taste of the tea. In fact, some users cannot really tolerate the taste to a point that they feel nauseous immediately after taking such. In addition, people should also find some time in preparing their kratom tea drinks.

Now that people already have answers about what to know about Kratom capsules and teas, choosing between the two will be based on their own preferences and needs.

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