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Taking online quizzes can be formal as well as informal. If you give a presentation about a certain subject and you want to test what the people have learnt from your presentation, you can take a test.  There’s no need for people to download an app, which is very time-consuming. You are able to make an online quiz on any device with a modern browser. From laptops, tablets to mobile phones, as long as you’re connected to the Internet. Our responsive design makes that possible.

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Responsive design

A responsive site scales with the size of the screen without sacrificing the text readability or usability of the user interface. So, on whatever screen you’re looking, it will always display the best size for your device. This makes is easy to stay connected for everyone :)

We believe in learning in your own time and pace. Learn whenever and where ever you want. You don't have to be glued to a seat in a classroom. Just take your mobile or tablet and start your online quiz. 

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