Kahoot quiz maker vs Online Quiz Creator

Kahoot! and Online Quiz Creator. What’s the difference? This article will tell you when to use Kahoot! or Online Quiz Creator. Or you may prefer using only one… :)

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What is Kahoot!?

Kahoot! is an online quiz with up to four answer possibilities. It’s user-friendly system and especially popular among young children and their teachers, of course. Participants enter the quiz by a pin. They get this pin from the instructor. The creator of the quiz decides when participants can start the quiz. All participants have to take the quiz at the same time. The question is shown on the big screen and answers are on the devices of the participants.     

What are the main benefits of using Kahoot!?

  • It adds a fun and excitement element to a boring lesson.
  • In between questions, it shows the ranking of participants. This starts an immediate race.
  • It has a time limit per question, which can be altered per question

What are the main benefits of using the Online Quiz Creator?

  • Up to 10 answer possibilities and you can have several correct answers.
  • Not only image question, but also image answer (which can also include text)
  • Participants can play the quiz individually
  • Export statistics of your participants to an Excel-sheet
  • Participation can be invited via mail with a login or can be free to everyone.
  • Can play the quiz several times (if that’s made possible by the quiz creator)

What are the main differences?

The main difference is that Online Quiz Creator has a lot more options to offer. It makes it easier to customize your quiz to the needs of your participants. Kahoot! is a very simplified quiz tool. Especially children like the element of the leaderboard in between questions. The downside is that it can demotivate children if they get lower scores than their classmates.

When to use Kahoot! and when to use the Online Quiz Creator?

Kahoot! is a quiz tool that can easily be used to kick-off a lesson or to re-energize and reward your pupils. Online Quiz Creator can be used whenever you want, during classes but also at home, as long as you have a device in which you can take the quiz :-) Tracing progress of participants is easy with Online Quiz Creator. If you want a more a advanced quiz tool with more answer options (and more correct answers), that’s also possible with our tool.

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