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In this knowledge section you can find information and tips on how you can create the best online quizzes. We also provide some Quiz ideas and examples for the necessary inspiration. 

Creating a quiz can be fun but also a challenging task. Depending on what you want to achieve by creating your own quiz, you have to think of a whole set of questions and answers. They will have to be fun and engaging, scientifically correct or maybe a little bit of both.

Easy LMS will take care of the technical aspect of creating the quiz for you. It's done in no time, click here to see how easy it is te create your own online quiz within minutes or if you're really fast seconds :)

The second part is creating your own questions and answers. We have quite some experience with the process here at Easy LMS, and we gladly share our tips and tricks on how to create quiz questions here.

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". So take a look at some quiz examples before you start creating yourself. We're not saying that you enter the copy-paste state of mind. Just take a look, see what you like and what you don't like. And use this information to create your own and unique quiz! 

Have fun creating quizzes and if there's anything Easy LMS can help you with, let us know! You can reach us at support@onlinequizcreator.com.

The Easy LMS Team

ps. Do contact us if you want a quiz more tailored to your needs, that's actually our business model :) We also create mobile quiz apps and b2b quiz battles. So don't hesitate to contact us for a premium high end quiz environment!

  • How to create your own online quiz

    Creating your own online quiz is really easy with the Online Quiz Creator. Here we'll explain step by step how you can make your own quiz for your business, students or friends.

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  • Writing multiple choice quiz questions

    Quizzes with multiple choice questions can be really fun. Good multiple choice questions can either make or break a quiz. And good multiple choice questions can be difficult to write… Below you’ll find a few guidelines, tips and tricks how to make correct, fun and interesting quiz questions. Please note that these tips are meant for fun quizzes and not for multiple choice exams.

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  • Benefits of online quiz

    Here are some advantages of Online Quizzes. Taking online quizzes is becoming a huge success. But why is this such a huge success? What integrates people to use online quizzes instead of written quizzes? This article will tell you why this such a popular tool to use. And you may even want to do it yourself :)

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  • What is gamified learning?

    Gamified learning integrates game mechanics into the process of learning. Examples of game mechanics are (high) scores, levels, achievements, immediate feedback loops and time pressure. These elements are what makes a game a game, and if applied correctly they make it fun to play the game. Our current technology enables educators to implement game dyanmics in their work. For example creating a history battle between students or a training quiz for professionals.

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  • Quiz ideas & examples

    Sometimes the best way to get creative.... is to copy-paste! Please use the example quizzes below to your advantage and feel free to steal all the elements you like.

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  • Quiz type questions

    There are several quiz type questions. These examples of quiz type questions will be listed down below. When creating online quiz questions there are two options to choose from; multiple choice and fill in the blanks. But what does that say? What type of multiple choice questions are you able to create? This article will give some more details about these questions.

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  • Online quiz app

    Taking online quizzes can be formal as well as informal. If you give a presentation about a certain subject and you want to test what the people have learnt from your presentation, you can take a test.  There’s no need for people to download an app, which is very time-consuming. You are able to make an online quiz on any device with a modern browser. From laptops, tablets to mobile phones, as long as you’re connected to the Internet. Our responsive design makes that possible.

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  • Quiz definition and meaning

    In this article we'll talk about the definition of a quiz.

    A quiz can be defined as a game or brain teaser to test knowledge. It can contain an element of competition when participants play against each other to get the highest score, which makes helps participants become more engaged.  

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  • Online quiz maker with timer

    Deciding when you want your quiz to be online, is easy with our quiz maker. Set the time per quiz and choose on what dates you want it to be online. With our quiz maker, you're able to create a timed quiz. ‘Tick-tock’, the time is ticking away and you only have a few seconds left to answer the question.

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  • Quiz vs Test

    “Quizzes” and “tests” are often used interchangeably. But do they really mean something different? If so, what’re the differences between them?

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  • Kahoot! vs Online Quiz Creator

    Kahoot! and Online Quiz Creator. What’s the difference? This article will tell you when to use Kahoot! or Online Quiz Creator. Or you may prefer using only one… :)

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