What is the definition of Mobile Learning (M-learning)?

Mobile learning, also known as m-learning, is an educational system. Mobile learning supports, with the help of mobile devices, a continuous access to the learning process. This can be on appliances like your phone, laptop or tablet. You can learn wherever and whenever you want! :-) With the advent of mobile learning, educational systems are changing.

What's the importance of mobile learning? Let's take a look at mobile learning in education and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of mobile education.

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Mobile learning m-learning

M-learning in education

More and more schools are using laptops or tablets. Children consider it to be a fun. There are increasingly more educational apps available for teachers.

Examples of mobile learning in education:

Offering mobile learning material

This is the most easy way of mobile learning. You can offer texts, videos or audios. It’s possible to do this whenever you want. Participants are able to prepare homework by watching a video that the teacher has put online. This way of mobile learning is relatively less interactive. It’s more about individual consuming. There is no interaction with teachers or other students, which makes it an asynchronous way of learning.

Interaction during lessons

If you do want to have some more interaction, you can use mobile devices during your lessons. An example of this is asking questions during your instruction. Teachers ask questions and the pupils will answer them on their mobile devices. Teachers are able to get immediate feedback. This is especially easy for teaching large groups.

Synchronous learning

Immediate feedback from your teacher or fellow students? This is possible with synchronous learning. You are able to get direct feedback while you’re at home. Teachers can interact with their students during their lectures.

Advantages of mobile learning

Wherever and whenever

It’s possible to lay in bed and watch a lecture whenever you want.


‘We are making an online quiz!’ You can see the smile on the faces of the children. It really motivates children to learn from tablets or other mobile devices.

More content

Videos and audios are things you can add with mobile learning. Videos make it possible to make learning more lively!

Working together from long distance

While the one student might be in New York and the other one is in Amsterdam, it’s still possible to work together! This is one of the main benefits of mobile learning.

Disadvantages of mobile learning


Mobile devices can be a great distraction for participants. Children like learning on tablets, but gaming on tablets seems to be even more fun! As a teacher you are not always able to control what your pupils are doing on their tablets.

Not enough electricity for all mobile devices

There have to be enough sockets for all those mobile devices, and not even spoken about all the cables. This may be a problem in the first couple of years. In the future, there will probably be a solution for this problem :)

M-learning and our LMS

Mobile learning is certainly possible with our learning management system. You can motivate your pupils to learn things from their mobile devices. Ask questions and make your pupils answer them by a quiz during a lecture. It makes your lecture more sparkly!

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