Blended Learning: definition explained

‘Take your books and read the first chapter.’ This is a sentence you must have heard a lot of times. Nowadays this sentence could be replaced by ‘click on the link and follow the instructions on your laptop’. The first situation described is a classical learning method. The second situation described, is a modern learning method. What does blended learning mean? You guessed is right! It’s a mix between a classical-and modern learning method.

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Types of blended learning


There is not one specific way to describe blended learning. Because blended learning is relatively new, it’s not proven that one method shows the best results. But depended on the age your participants are, you can decide which method could work best for your participants (this considers mostly motivation). I will give you some examples of a few blended learning models.

Rational model

You have some students who get instruction from their teacher, some students work together in a collaboration and some students work on their computers. They rotate throughout those stations throughout the day.

Flipped classroom model

Students are expected to come to class and already have watched some videos or other kind of instruction. Students are able to pause the video and work at their own pace. For example you can fast forward your lecture if you don’t have enough time. Students can do their homework and ask questions in class.

Flipped classroom definition
Flipped Classroom Advantages and Disadvantages

Open classroom model

Students can work on their computers and teachers will help them. It seems like a good solution, because children like being on a computer, but teachers have to really motivate their children. If you don’t motivate the children, it’s the same as giving a kid a textbook and say: ‘Entertain yourself!’

Blended course or education

‘Busy’ a common answer people will give when you ask them you they are doing. Blended learning may be a good solution for people who are always in a hurry. They can partly work at their own pace and still have the face-to-face education. You can even have your diner and a the same time watch a lecture on your computer, not something that is allowed  to happen in a classroom. Not all children are able to get themselves motivated to follow the instructions on their computers. A teacher is needed to keep an eye on the children.

Blended learning and our LMS

Our LMS makes it possible for you to get started with blended learning. Participants can easily work on their own with our LMS. An example could be that participants have a lecture at school and have to make a quiz about that the lecture at home.

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