Is it possible to import a .ppt presentation to a Course?

You might have a powerpoint presentation that you would like to convert into a Course. Although it's not possible to import a .ppt presentation to a Course, there is another way to set it up.

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It is a simple matter of taking screenshots from your PowerPoint presentation, and add those images to your Course.

To add the screenshots to your Course, just take the following steps:

-  Go to your Course (or create one if you haven't done so yet)

-  Go to "Curriculum" in the menu of the Course

-  Click "Add Slide" and select "Content"

-  Enter a title of your slide and click "Save"

-  Choose "Add element" and select "Image"

-  Upload the screenshot of your PowerPoint-slide there and click "Save"

For more information, check our How to create an online course tutorial to get started with our software.

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