About Flipped Classroom

  • What are flipped classrooms

    What are flipped classrooms? In the traditional model the teacher stands between the students and the knowledge. With the flipped classroom, students have direct access to the knowledge and the teacher serves as a coach and mentor. With the flipped classroom model, students have to prepare their contact moments. During contact moments teachers are able to zoom in on the application and deeper processing of the learning material. Now you know the meaning of flipped classrooms, let's take a look why you should flip the classroom.

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  • Flipped learning: the advantages and disadvantages

    Your employees’ time and motivation can be big roadblocks to a successful employee training program, but a new approach called flipped learning can help overcome these challenges. Although it had its start in education, the flexible, learner-centered, and personalized nature of flipped learning can save your employees time and get them more engaged. Let’s explore how flipped learning can aid employee training.

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  • Flipped classroom vs traditional classroom

    A 180 degree shift in education. But what does that say? This article will describe the meaning of the flipped classroom and traditional education. At the end, it gives a conclusion of the differences :-)

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  • Flipped classroom vs blended learning

    What's the difference between blended learning and flipped classrooms? Are there any differences? You will find out in this article. :-)

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