Can I have an exam with a certificate?

It is possible to set up a Certificate to be generated for any particular scoring range for the Exam. Here's how to set that up...

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Choosing the scoring-range that should be rewarded with a Certificate

Under the "Pass/Fail"- tab in the menu of your Exam, you can create as many 'outcomes' for a specific scoring range as you would like: 

Now, if you click on the pencil near the 'passed' category, you can edit the pass category to whatever percentage you prefer. To generate a certificate when someone falls into that category, please tick the checkbox: "Award  a PDF certificate when a user falls in this category" and hit "save" of course. 

Next step: click on the "certification tab" and you'll see these options:

You can tick only the first checkbox, or both, if you want the certificate to be sent to the user's email. Here you can also select a background for your certificate (the image at the back) and a layout (where the text goes).

Let's explore the options. For the background, you can select one of the images we have available, or upload your own background, with your company/school's logo, image, a message for the students... whatever suits you best:

The next step is to select a layout. Here are some of the options:

If you're not happy with any of these layout options, no problem. Just send us your idea and we'll upload it for you (as part of the Corporate Owl plan).

After that (don't forget to click 'save' after you finish choosing the background and the layout) you can download a preview of your certificate to see if it looks the way you want it to!

We can now edit the email (if you ticked the option to send the certificate to the user's email at the end of the exam). You can add your name, email address, and some information like the user's name, link to the test, congratulations message, or anything you think will look nice here:

Don't forget to click "save" and you're all set!

To be able to issue certificates for exams, you need a Business or Corporate Owl plan. You can do a 7-day free trial of any of these plans, just let us know, and we'll activate it for you! 

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