Knowing and Preventing the Cause of Foot Odor

What causes foot odor? It is caused by bacteria and fungi that develop in shoes that are tightly covered. These microbes grow at a very fast rate and if they are not given attention, they can cause fungal infection. Foot odor may not be noticeable to some or they may not just like to attend to it but it brings great effect to people. Men and women can both experience having stinky feet. What just makes the difference is the way it is being treated. Some easily get rid of it while others don't. The treatment maybe depends on how severe the odor is. If you want tips on how to get rid of stinky feet in a very fast manner, they can be found here. Having smelly feet is one of the most disgusting, embarrassing and humiliating experiences of man. Yet, the problem is not that complicated to resolve. In fact, it is so easy to eliminate if you are just really decided and take quality time to treat it fully.


The way you deal with your body odor is the same treatment you should be doing with your feet bad odor. What are the steps you are taking in removing your body odors anyway? You wash your body regularly with soap and water and then you apply some helpful products to block odor penetrators. You use deodorizer for your armpits and to some private parts of your body. You can do the same with your feet. But sometimes, there are deodorizers and anti-perspirant products that can aggravate the problem so you have to choose what really works. According to science and some results of study, the best odor eliminator that is practical and safe is activated charcoal powder. Using charcoal as deodorizer is safe and effective than using products that are chemically based.


The raw activated charcoal powder is already in good package if you want it to put on your shoes after you have taken them off at night after work. They are contained in small clothing vessel and they will serve as best absorbent of bacteria and fungi that produce the bad odor. Others use baking soda, a tablespoon of it is being poured into their shoes and then let it sit there the whole night. They just shake off the baking soda in the morning and before putting on the shoes. That's nice and there's nothing wrong with that. But, it is better if you will use that activated charcoal powder you bought. You do not need to open that little bag of charcoal powder. Put it inside your shoes as it is. Remove it in the morning without shaking off your shoes, leaving you no worries that some particles will remain in your shoes.


You may click here and check various options of these wonderful odor eliminator elements - activated charcoal powder. There is no need for you to hide that stinky odor of your feet and shoes. Just after several days of use of this odor removal product, you are proud to take off shoes with your friends around.

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