How Well do You Know the Indiana AT Practice Act?

Welcome to this Third Party Reimbursement Pilot Program Committee quiz.  The goal of this quiz is to provide some insight into your knowledge of the Indiana State Athletic Training Practice Act.  Moreover, it is a way to connect your knowledge with additional resources the IATA and this committee will continue to provide over the next two years of the Pilot Program.  Good luck!

Position Player
2Justin Miller30,108
3David Noble30,000
4Scott Lawrance29,942
5Rick Shaw28,925
6Lucas Dargo28,636
7Tanya Whiteman27,758
8ISU Athletic Training Class of 201926,759
10Ryan Carroll25,613
11Jay A. Bradley22,178
12Adam J Thompson22,028
14zach 20,526
15Dave Jessup17,029
17David Boyd2,776
18Steve Souder549
19Joe Gutzwiller200