How to set up online training courses

Giving an online training with our course builder is an easy way to motivate your employees. It’s not only an easy tool for the participants, but also for the creator itself. The creator of the course is able to keep track of his or her employees. This gives the creator an immediate insight into gaps of knowledge. And there’s much more!

Now, we will dive deeper into creating your first online training course. Let’s go! Building courses with our online course builder has never been this easy to create! You can just focus on the content. You don’t have to worry about design, layout or fonts, colors etc. Our designers setup a well-balanced course design.

To Start Off..


First things first, that’s introducing the participants who attend your online training course. You can write down what kind of expectations they could have of your course and wish them good luck :)

Offer text, audio or video

You can offer them some text, show a video, or listen to some audio. After that, you can practice some questions with them. You can add multiple choice questions, image questions or a question with audio or video. It’s all up to you!

Practice Questions

After that you can even practice more questions, add more text or take an exam. It’s even possible to add an assessment, which is a tool to get to know your students on other parts. For example the way they work in a group; are the group workers, leaders, creative workers etc. This helps with dividing your employees into projects.

To last page will be ‘the end page’. This is the last page of your course. Time to say goodbye and convince them to take another course.


In the settings, you will find a few pretty high-tech settings. You can set how many attempts participants have to do the course. You can set a timer and configure your terms and conditions that apply before playing the course.

Results & Stats

With the results and stats it’s possible to track progress of your participants. You are able to view the results per user and with that get an overhaul overview of the progress. It’s easy to export your results to an Excel-sheet.

User Management

As a creator of a course, you can ask participants to login. You can invite them, for example, by email. Participants will receive an invitation in which they are able to find their username and password to login. It’s also possible to make your course free for everyone to use.

Publish & Share

There are different ways to publish and share your course. First, you can share via URL, use CRM integration, embed code (which also include legacy and responsive embed code) or download a SCORM file (Beta testing only).


It’s possible to co-operate your other system to our system. We have a few different types of LMS integrations; Webhook, Mailchimp and AWeber. To dive deeper into integrations, you will have to read this article. If you need a custom integration with Navision, Dynamics, SAP or another CRM. Let us know!


You can send your participants a certificate for passing their online training course. This certificate will be send automatically after participants passed their course. This is especially easy with an online training, now everything will be online and no need to hand out the certificates.

Custom Features

Are you missing something in our tool? Do you want to add some custom features? We do a lot of custom work for our clients. Send us an email, tell  us what you want and we’ll make a quote for you.


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