How can I import the questions from a Quiz?

If you've created a Quiz to later realize that you would rather turn it into an Exam, it is possible to use the export- and import features to transform your Quiz in to an Exam.
However, please note that this method will still require a little bit of 'work'...

Here's what you should do:

  1. export the questions of your Quiz
  2. download the example-file for uploading questions to an Exam(under "Questions" > "Import Questions" in the menu of an Exam)
  3. (here's the work...) re-arrange your export-file to make it match the structure of the import-file.We recommend you to use the example-file for that: Just keep the top-row unchanged and put your data in the appropriate columns.
  4. add the additional required information for exams (like "1"/"0" for a correct/incorrect answer)
  5. save your file as a .csv file (if it wasn't that already)
  6. upload the file!

Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you bump into any problems along the way. We'll help you out!

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