Five Things to Look For When Searching for a Wooden Serving Tray to Buy

Searching for a wooden serving tray is quite tricky. Know that there are several types of wooden serving trays which differ in materials used, sizes, and durability. If you have been planning to get one for a while, you probably have searched for tips and advice on the web to guide you. However, online sources make the task more confusing because of their contradicting advice. Then, how can you find the perfect wooden tray for your kitchen?

What you need to do is search for these criteria found here when looking for a wooden tray to buy.

#1 Type of Wood

First off, you have to consider the type of wood you prefer on a kitchen décor or equipment. You’ll find a wide variety of wooden trays in the market made from different types of wood. The wood used in manufacturing the tray has a huge impact on its durability and lifespan. In most cases, kitchen equipment made of walnut is the best choice compared to other types of wood.

Walnut is one of the toughest types of wood out there. It does not rot quickly and breaks easily. Thus, using the best walnut serving tray is a long-lasting kitchen investment that is worth your money.

#2 The Size

Another aspect you have to look into before buying a wooden tray is the size of the product. Serving trays vary in sizes. Having several options allows a buyer to choose the ideal equipment that suits his or her needs. But if you are having a hard time selecting which tray size to pick, here is a useful tip.

First, buy a smaller tray for household use. A rectangular shaped wooden tray that measures at least 20 x 15 inches makes great food serving equipment at home. On the other hand, if you are planning to use it for your restaurant, find a bigger tray for it is more convenient for serving two or more individuals. Also, it is ideal to have a larger tray at home to save for special occasions and gatherings.

#3 With Handles

A walnut tray with handle is the best choice for convenience. Carrying and serving food is much easier using a tray with handle. Moreover, you can assure that you won’t spill the food neither the tray would slip while you’re holding it. 

#4 Customer Reviews

Reading customer reviews is a great help when searching for an item to buy. It tells you which product is worth spending money and which is not.

When selecting a wooden tray to buy, always pick the item with a high satisfaction rating and excellent feedback from customers. With this, you can guarantee that you’re making the right choice of selecting the product.

#5 Find the Right Source

There are several stores on the web that sells walnut serving trays. Amidst these staggering numbers of online stores, there is one site that you can trust. And, that is the Virginia Boys Kitchens.

The Virginia Boys Kitchens has been around for years providing the best kitchen equipment and functional décor. You can learn more about this store by visiting its official website.

Begin your search for the best walnut tray right away!

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