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A lot of teachers use our quiz generator to create online quizzes for their students. We've optimised our quiz software for teachers based on their feedback. Teachers can make quizzes, test homework and see how their students score all within one tool. 

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As a teacher you're always looking for ways to improve your teaching. Integrating online quizzes can be a good way to diversify your teaching tools, but also make knowledge transfer fun for your students. Our quizzes are fun to play for the students, while the teachers still have all the insights and reporting they need to understand the performance of their class.

We can talk for a long time about how awesome our quiz software is for teachers, but we'll rather let one of our clients do the pitch. So here's what Mitch has to say:

"We used Easy LMS in our social studies classes at Carondelet High School last year for textbook reading review. Students enjoyed taking the quizzes much more than the standard summative quizzes provided by the textbook because they could take the quizzes as many times as needed to achieve success.

Over 90% of the students took the quizzes more than once. Over half took each quiz five or more times to improve their time and position on the leader boards. Like video games, not being penalized for repetition encourages students to take the quizzes multiple times.

Teachers reported that students came to class significantly better prepared for discussion and activities.

Easy LMS has proven to be a valuable tool for our social studies program."

 Mitch Ward, Carondelet High School

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