Etizolam : A Miracle Drug or A Curse

Etizolam is a unique drug of its own. For some people it works miracles for the body, on the streets it could be considered the next “date rape” drug. As with all prescription drugs and their side effects, you are taking a gamble when starting. We wonder things such as how it is going to work; how it interacts with other prescriptions that you are currently taking and it’s after effects.


Etizolam is a prescription drug that is used to treat schizophrenic delusions, insomnia, panic attacks, and pain. It acts as a pain killer because it does help relax the muscles and puts you in a sedative state. This drug has been banned in a few countries because some people use it as a “date rape” drug and in some cases it’s highly addictive. Higher doses of etizolam can produce sleep inducing effects, which makes you more vulnerable, in certain circumstances.


As more research was done on this chemical. It was noticed that this drug can be easily purchased through an etizolam vendor. Being an etizolam vendor doesn’t take many criterion unless you are working for a biochemistry lab, which makes it very accessible to anyone that purchases it online. Thus, making it more marketable to the streets., a bio science blog, shared a link to where you can buy etizolam in saline form, individually for prices as low as $40 or you can buy mass quantities of it. This carries more marketability to the streets. The good news about purchasing this chemical is that sites similar to is that you must have an account with them as well as a valid credit card to purchase a product like this. As a result your purchase will be tracked, which is a step in the right direction for regulation.


Etizolam is has been considered a controlled substance in countries such as Denmark, Japan, India, and the UK. It is also considered a controlled substance in 8 different states across the U.S. such as Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, Virginia, Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida. In the US, this drug is used for research purposes and not medicinal use. It hasn’t been FDA approved, but people can still get their hands on it, through the internet.


As with all anti-depressants, you must exercise caution when driving or operating machinery. Children who take this chemical it are more excitable than adults. Even though etizolam carries a low dependency rate it is more mitigated. This means that the chances of you being addicted to this prescription are not as serious, as an opioid or alcohol. It takes roughly 30 minutes to start working with having peak periods around 2-4 hours. The after effects off this prescription lasts anywhere from 6-24 hours after each dose.


When it comes to prescription drugs, we are all are skeptical as to what the drug is used to treat, its potency, after effects and dependency rates. That is why it is important to talk to your doctor about what you are taking and use caution when trying anything different. An ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure.

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