Online quiz demo

Want to know all about our easy to use online quiz system? We'd like to show you around. Just schedule a skype meeting or conference call and we'll give you a free demo.

Use case

Before we dive in to the details, we first ask you a lot of questions about your use case, so that we can tailor our demo to your needs. What's the purpose of your quiz? Who is your target audience? How are you going to distribute your quiz? Those kind of questions. 


We cover the basics. How to start your quiz. How to put in some questions. How to take it for a test ride. That sort of stuff. 

Quiz stats and results

After the basics have been covered we'll show you our stats and results section, where to find user specific data, and how to export your results.

Quiz user management

What information do you need from your users? Our user management has your back. Just set up the right kind of questions and you're good to go.

Schedule a demo

Just send us an email with your phone number and your use case and we'll call you. 


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