BRAC Humanitarian Programme (BHP)

Our inspired vision: Bridging humanitarian approach and development approach as one nexus.

Our commitment: We stand together for humanity

Strategic priority 2016-2020: “Building resilience to disaster and develop capacity for emergency response during natural and man-made disasters”.


Humanitarian Programme’s goal is Strengthening resilience of vulnerable people through shock responsive programming and our actions are aligned with SDG goal 11,13 and the Sendai Framework target (2030). BRAC Humanitarian Programme as a leading entity working on bridging humanitarian and development aid streams together. Starting with relief work in 2008, gradually carried out humanitarian response to resilience building. We work to strengthen organisational readiness to respond in emergency within 24-72 hours. Our programmatic priorities are focused on preparedness, humanitarian response, disaster risk reduction, resilience building, capacity building, innovation and knowledge management. In alignment with national and local government strategies BRAC adopted standard operating procedure (SOP) to operate humanitarian response in Bangladesh.


We have 3,528 front line crisis res-ponder in 64 Districts (Incident Command System- team numbers), and 492 sub-districts level (Upazila disaster management team).  

36 Multi-purpose cyclone shelters, 179 Resilient housings for coastal and island communities, 07 Weather stations, 01 solar water pump, 01 waste management unit

Installed lightning arrester in 2200 BRAC offices. A pilot initiative will be taken in wetland areas to save life of people.


Risk informed early warning system in riverbank erosion prone areas:

Introduced hydroponic technology for green fodder crisis management

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