Avoiding Hair Loss: How to Wash Your Hair the Right Way

You probably got confused when some ads on the internet are stating "hey, you have washed your hair the wrong way all this time." In fact, this had been going around in social media and there had been debates about it. Is there really a right way to wash the hair? Yes, there is. According to several hair stylists and experts, the reason why the hair looks dry or too oily is that you have been washing your hair the wrong way. These experts have been stressing out that no matter how you take care of your hair to have a similar hair with the models in shampoo ads, is useless if you are still washing your hair the wrong way. With the gathered information from top magazines, below are the hair care tips on how to wash the hair the right way:

Step #1: You start everything by rinsing.

Like doing your laundry, you have to rinse it before you add the detergent; so does your hair. Your hair needs to be thoroughly washed before you add the shampoo. This will help you distribute the shampoo in an even proportion. Also, you need to wash it with warm water to help loosen the oils that were trapped inside the scalp and to help open the hair cuticles.

Step #2: Hair conditioner first before shampoo.

You are probably wondering right now if it is the right thing to do. Yes, it is. However, this is only applicable to women with long hair. As the experts would stress out, most shampoos are made with chemicals; not unless if it is made from 100 all natural products like the NISIM. But, if it is not, then it would be best if you would run a small amount of hair conditioner to your hair then lightly rinse it. This process will prevent the hair from absorbing the chemicals from the shampoo.

Step #3: Massage the scalp and gently lather the shampoo.

According to medical studies, regular massaging of the scalp can stimulate hair growth. Additionally, it is one of the proven clinical-strength hair loss solution aside from using excellent hair growth shampoo. When applying shampoo, the experts insisted to apply it on the hair near the scalp, specifically in the nape area, because the hair that is nearest to the scalp is the oiliest, while the farthest is the driest.

Also, do not rinse your hair if you want to apply shampoo again. Instead of encouraging human hair growth, you are inhibiting it from growing healthily  

Step #4: Add hair conditioner

This time, after rinsing your hair with the shampoo, you have to apply conditioner from the midsection of the hair down to the very tips. Then, leave it for a couple of minutes to keep it moisturized. Also, never apply hair conditioner on your scalp; your scalp excretes concentrated natural oil.

Step #5: Rinse it with cold water

Your final step is to finish it by rinsing your hair with cold water. According to medical studies, the cold water closes the cuticle and sealing the outer layer of the scalp. Conclusion Correct washing of the hair can contribute to hair regrowth, aside from using hair regrowth shampoo. So, to have a healthy and beautiful hair, always practice what is right.

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