Amra Notun Network

Amra Notun Network is an inclusive youth platform to develop active, enlightened, skillful and empathetic citizens for tomorrow through a comprehensive package of 21st century skills training and community service projects. Through this platform young people will have access to a larger network of partners and like-minded youth groups for future opportunities.


Most platforms underestimate the power of young people as problem solvers. Our training processes are only a pipeline to enhance their leadership and problem solving skills, tools are provided to put ideas in context and help make better decisions through better planning. Our main emphasis lies to help them solve problems in their communities through community action projects. Lastly, we help change-makers of different regions connect and collaborate to share their learning and experiences.


We have a unique blend of high-quality learning curriculum which balances between 21st century functional skills and awareness to social problems. Our goals are:

  • To create enlightened citizens for future equipped with 21st century skills
  • To identify and develop local role models in every community
  • To create a connected network of clubs across Bangladesh
  • To reduce inequality among youth across Bangladesh
  • To develop empathetic & tolerant citizens by providing opportunity to work with BRAC
  • To support the youth in making informed career decisions


Our Model

The Amra Notun Network prioritises creation of scope for participants to showcase their unique strengths and skill-sets through community engagement projects. The centrepiece of our model is a mentorship network which engages young people at the community level through a club structure. The entire model is structured in three broad phases.


Interested candidates register through an online application published on our website and Facebook page. The participants go through an intensive classroom experience which totals eight weekend days spanning to  4 weeks wherein they ‘unlearn’ and re-conceptualise the following: leadership, communication, storytelling for change, building empathy through performing arts, mindfulness practices, identifying community problems and designing solutions using a human centred design approach. In each classroom we have a group of 30 participants - a cluster we call “club”.

Community Projects

The training phase is followed by testing of concepts on-the-ground. This testing is conducted through the design and implementation of community projects. During this time period, our participants work with local mentors who help to connect them with the resources needed to implement their projects.


Our Progress

We started our journey from Khulna in July 2018, where we have worked with a bunch of youth aged from 18-25 and empowered them.  

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