All you Need to Know About Kratom Pills

Kratom (also known as Mitragyna speciosa) is an Indonesian tree whose leaves are known to produce a psychoactive effect. Kratom is often used as a substitute for opioid painkillers, acting as a sleep aid and sometimes as a recreational drug. Kratom comes in several varieties, some containing a stronger opioid characteristic leading to sedation, whereas others are cause the same stimulation found in caffeine.


Purchase of Kratoms

Kratom can be ordered for online or bought under the radar in tobacco shops and head shops around the country where it is labeled as an “incense for use”. Since it has not been considered a controlled substance its use is unregulated and not standardized. The drug can be purchased in form of a capsule filled with a powdered leaf material or taken in chopped bits of the leaf to enable it to be smoked or added to tea. The drug is heavily promoted among drug users because it is undetectable and is still legal in most countries. At a low dosage the drug is able to stimulate a user into thinking they are more sociable, energetic and talkative whereas in a higher dosage it brings about a lethargy and euphoria leading to a non-pleasant experience for the user.


Effects of Kratom

Edginess, nervousness around people

Vomiting (can be severe and prolonged depending on the intake)

Constant Sweating





Respiratory depression


Aggressive or combative behavior

Psychotic episodes



Loss of sexual desire, darkening of skin around the face accompanied by weigh loss may be sighted on the user. Social effect of the drug is apparent by the mood swings of the user and severe depression making one dependent on the drug to get high.

Like any other drug, it leads to an addiction as an effect despite the harm it may cause. The lethal dosage of Kratom is still unknown but it is considered to be far above the active dosage by the user. The dosage is dependent on a list of factors that may include; strain, tolerance, potency and the consumption method used. A user is unlikely to overdose on the Kratom powder as the nauseating effect will cause them to vomit it between 8-9 grams of intake. Even users who have a tolerance for the Opioids may accidentally overdose due to the inability to dose themselves.


Withdrawal effects may include:


Muscle pain

Muscle tremors and jerking

Restlessness and sleeplessness

Severe depression


Episodes of panic

Sudden swings of mood




Like any drug the addiction to Kratom can be cured and the user put on a path to sobriety. Recovery is done through the rehabilitation program. Users who are known to have struggled with heroin and prescription opioid have been able to overcome the addiction by using Kratom but later are seen to be addicted to Kratom. Thus, it is unsafe to use Kratom to tread the opioid addiction, professional assistance is the most recommended.

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