A Guide To Buying Quality Kratom From Genuine Kratom Vendors

The popularity of kratom is on the rise,and this has led to the emergence of many kratom vendors both online and physical stores. This is good for the kratom users because the extract is readily available. However, it is increasingly difficult to distinguish between genuine kratom vendors and phony dealers. Before you buy kratom, it is essential that you understand the characteristics of Quality kratom. 

Attributes of Quality Kratom

Contains pure Kratom extracts

Kratom extracts produce the desired effect without mixing with any other substance. Quality Kratom should be free from adulteration or any additives and fillers. Shop for pure kratom that is natural, organic and free from any additional ingredients or chemicals. 

Fresh and not exceeded shelf life

The shelf life of kratom is essential. Kratom tends to lose its potency as it ages. The potency of kratom depends on the freshness of its alkaloid (the active ingredient) content. Always shop for fresh kratom to get the best out of your spending. 

Harvested during dry periods

The potency of kratom depends on the harvesting time. The dry time is the ideal time tocollect the plant. During the dryperiod, the potency of kratom peaks. Always shop for kratom harvested during the dry times. 

Well dried

Quality kratom has very low moisture. Moisture causes kratom to deteriorate. Drying kratom will prevent the product from deterioration and retain its potency. 

How to find a genuine kratom vendor

Finding a legitimate kratom vendor is often a challenge. The following guide will help you see shopping for kratom as easy as doing grocery. 

Read reviews

A great way of finding the best kratom vendor is to read reviews and comments from the seller’s clients. One of the best way is consumerhealthusa.com. A lot of negative reviews and testimonials point to a bogus vendor. Proceed with caution if a vendor’s website contains positive reviews without even a single negative comment. Some vendors use positive reviews to lure customers. Of course, you cannot miss a dissatisfied client out there. Look for a balance between the positive and negative comments. 

Read through Kratom forums and threads

The internet contains numerous forums by kratom users. These forums can provide leads to a trusted vendor. Threads in the forums will include users’ testimonies or experience with a vendor, kratom strain and other useful information. You can also find some warnings that indicate which vendor to shun. 

Do some background checks on the seller

A background check will help you eliminate fake kratom dealers. Before you buy kratom, make sure you confirm the details of the seller. Such information includes their existence, contact information, physical address, email, contact person, etc. if the details are authentic and genuine,then the seller is probably legitimate. You can also establish their legitimacy by reading customer reviews on their website. 

100% quality is a lie

A vendor that claims 100% quality is probably lying. The processing of kratom leads to some loss in quality. Such guarantees are not genuine. Reliable manufacturers often avail laboratory assays for a consumer to verify. They want you to confirm their claims of purity and absence of adulterants. A vendor that fails to provide a laboratory assay or a certificate of analysis upon request is probably fake.

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