3 Ways to Naturally Boost Human Growth Hormone Level

The human growth hormone is essential in the human body. The pituitary gland produces this hormone. HGH is responsible for cell repair, growth, and metabolism. Moreover, this hormone can help an individual recover from certain diseases and injuries.

If you have a lack of HGH, you are suffering from a condition called Growth Hormone Deficiency or GHD. It can alter your growth and your body composition since this hormone is responsible for a lot of functions in the human body.

For children who are suffering from GHD, it would be noticeable that they are shorter than children their age. They can also have delayed puberty. While in adults, although they would not be shorter, they might have difficulty in maintaining their body.

Here are three ways to boost your HGH level naturally:

1. Decrease insulin level

Low HGH level can be associated with an increase of insulin level in the body, which is why it is advised that you reduce your sugar intake. Sugar and refined carbs can increase your insulin level, so reducing consumption can naturally increase your HGH level.

According to a study, healthy individuals have 3 to 4 times higher HGH levels compared to people who are suffering from diabetes, impaired insulin function, and impaired carb tolerance.

Aside from sugar can increase insulin level that affects the secretion of HGH, sugar can also cause obesity or weight gain, which can also affect the production of HGH.

You can still have sweet treats but eat them occasionally, so it will not have a tremendous impact on your HGH level. It is advised that individuals with low HGH level should try to have a balanced diet. The food that you consume has a profound impact on your health, body composition, and hormones.

2. Use arginine supplement

Arginine supplement can increase your HGH level when taken alone. Some studies show that when arginine is used together with exercise, there will be little or no changes at all with the HGH level. However, when arginine is used without exercise, it can increase the body’s HGH level.

Other studies about using arginine without incorporating any exercise have proved that it can boost the production of HGH.

In another study, the participants took either 45 or 114 mg of the arginine supplement per pound. It means that they have taken either 6-10 or 15-20 grams of the supplement per day. The results showed that arginine yielded no changes in HGH level when taken at a low dose. The individuals who have taken it at a higher dose had an increase of HGH level by 60%, which happened during their sleep.

3. Do fasting

Studies supported that fasting can boost HGH levels naturally.

One study showed that fasting for three days can increase the production of HGH by 300%. A week of fasting has boosted HGH secretion to up to 1,250%.

No studies have been made that can prove if a short period of fasting can also affect HGH level.

If you are suffering from GHD and the methods mentioned above seemed not to be working, you should speak with a medical professional. Maybe you need synthetic growth hormones to treat your growth hormone problem.

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