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Always wanted to make a quiz, but couldn't find an easy quiz creator to help you out? With our online quiz tool it’s easy to make a quiz in less than five minutes. Just follow these simple steps to create online quizzes with our online quiz software.

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Why use EasyLMS?

Do you want to engage your target audience in a fun and playful way? Do you want them to share your campaign on Facebook and Twitter? Then let them interact through an an online quiz from Quizworks in your branded environment. Take a look at all the features.

  • Easy to use

    Our quiz creator is simple and easy to use. For student as well as for the administrators. With our online quiz creator it's easy to start, which makes it more fun.

  • Looks great on all devices

    It doesn't matter if you are on a phone, tablet or pc: your online quiz will look beautiful. Our tool is fully responsive so you can engage your audience on any platform.

  • Awesome support

    Our support owls are always by your side and provide you with the best possible support! And if you need a custom feature, our development owls will come to the rescue.

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